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Residential real estate generated 12% annual returns since 1950, according to the US Federal Reserve. But buying homes takes weeks and selling homes often takes months. What if you could buy and sell home ownership with a button press, anytime?

OZ is a financial marketplace for real estate that removes transaction delays and lowers fees for real estate investors and homeowners. When OZ opens to everyone later this year, anyone will be able to trade ownership stakes in homes in high-growth locations. If you're interested in learning more and gaining early access, register for OZ.

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How it works


Homeowners offer to sell equity stakes in their homes to investors at the current market value. OZ converts the home equity into OZ cryptocurrency tokens. Investors buy OZ tokens and homeowners get the cash. No interest is due until the home is sold. OZ collects a portion of the proceeds and pays each token holder their share.


OZ bundles home equity in multiple homes into OZ tokens. When any home is sold or refinanced, OZ pays token holders a share of the price appreciation. Investors can buy and sell OZ tokens in the OZ marketplace anytime with a press of a button. 


What's an OZ token?

Behind the technology that makes OZ trustworthy

OZ tokens represent ownership stakes in legally-binding contracts between homeowners and investors. OZ tokens are linked to the same types of mortgage and title contracts as traditional home loans, but investors can trade OZ tokens in the OZ marketplace. OZ tokens are built on the Ethereum blockchain, which provides a public record so you can verify the legal contracts underlying your ownership stake in each home. 


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